Human Resources Overview

  • The Human Resources Department provides an array of support services to Applicants, CLIU Staff Members, and our constituent School Districts.

     The CLIU is an equal opportunity employer and prides itself on its recruitment and selection procedures. The Human Resources Department is instrumental in advertising for open positions, the collection and processing of application packets, and responding to applicant inquiries. Our goal is to attract qualified applicants who will assist the CLIU in helping Children Learn.

     The Human Resources Department serves as a resource center for our 1300 plus employees on a wide variety of employment-related questions. The Human Resources Department prides itself on an "open door" policy and encourages staff members to contact the Department as a first line resource for questions. Examples of support services that the Human Resource Department specifically provides to staff members include benefits, Workers Compensation, certification, parenting/medical leaves, absence request processing, personnel file review, and  employment collage

     Striving to serve as well as collaborate, the Human Resources Department facilitates various committees and consortiums to aide Districts in obtaining the highest level of service at the most cost effective means. The Human Resources Department facilitates a healthcare consortium for participating Lehigh County Districts, a substitute teacher training and emergency permit program, the collection of management data, an Employee Assistance Program Consortium, an Unemployment Insurance Consortium, and a Long Term Disability and Life Insurance Consortium. In addition, to assist our Districts in obtaining the most up to date personnel information and an opportunity to network, the Department coordinates monthly Human Resource Contact meetings. Finally, the Department will conduct Human Resource Audits for a requesting District and act as a resource for personnel issues when called upon.

    For more information regarding the Human Resources Department contact at  610-769-4111 Ext.1653.
    Department Contacts:

    George Husack

    Human Resources Manager

    Ext. 1060

    Gretchen Boyer

    Human Resources Manager

    Ext. 1553

    Stephanie Fister

    Compensation and Benefits Specialist

    Ext. 1296


    Human Resources Specialist – Leaves

    Ext. 1229

    Cheryl Faustner

    Human Resources Specialist – Compliance

    Ext. 1649

    Sabrina Senick

    Human Resources Specialist – Recruitment

    Ext. 1292

    Heather Levitt

    Human Resources Specialist – Onboarding/Evaluation

    Ext. 1232


    Payroll Coordinator

    Ext. 1258