• Mindfulness for Educators and Their Students

  • Raise the Bar: Elevate Your Beginning Teaching Practices

  • Effective Use of Mobile Devices in the Classroom

  • Navigating Complex Text

  • Designing Blended Learning

  • Embracing New Pillars of Modern Teaching

  • Middle School Teacher's Role in Developing Students' College and Career Readiness

  • Project Based Approaches

CPE Course Information

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education Continuing Professional Education credits apply for Level II Certification and/or master's equivalency. A maximum of 18 credits may be taken towards a master's equivalency. Credits taken for salary increases must comply with district policy. 
    The listed CPE courses are open to all qualified personnel.
    Typically, within 10 days of course conclusion, a letter of successful completion will be emailed to the participant and a paper document mailed for record purposes.

    Please review the offerings, select the appropriate courses, and be sure to register on CPETracker early.

CPE Courses

  • Agolino CPE Courses
  • CLIU CPE Courses
  • Dr. William Yerger CPE Courses
  • Jill Brooks CPE Courses
  • Stein CPE Courses