Dr. William Yerger CPE Courses

  • Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 offers a number of CPE Course options from Dr. Wiliam Yerger. The information provided below lists the available courses and upcoming sessions.

    Registration for these or any CPE Courses from CLIU 21 can be done at www.cpetracker.org. If you do not have a CPE Tracker account, please register via www.cliu.org/register.

    Course enrollment closes 3 days prior to course start dates.  For these courses, there is a 3 person minimum for the course to run.  

CPE Courses

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Course Descriptions Credits Sessions
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom: Strategies, Techniques, and Material

The book and materials are included in the price and will be mailed out a few days ahead of time
This VIRTUAL course provides PK-12 participants with a thorough understanding of Howard Gardners' concept of multiple intelligences. The book, Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom (2018) by Dr. Thomas Armstrong will be studied, connections made to chapters, responses made to participants' posts, and a study guide completed for each chapter. The class will emphasize what each student is attracted to, becomes comfortable with, and skilled in different ways of processing information.

The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher
(Please note course fee of $300 includes required text.)
Strategies for Virtual and Hybrid Instruction will be addressed./
This new online class will be extremely helpful for the first-time teacher just as much as for the seasoned professional! This course will provide an educator's goldmine to pertinent information to make not only the first day of school but every day run smoothly. The book utilized, The First Days of School: How To Be An Effective Teacher (2018) by Harry Wong, is the updated edition of a proven resource on successful teaching practices for both classroom management and student success.

Writing Alive: Strategies, Techniques, & Materials
Craft Lessons, by Ralph Fletcher and Joanne Portalupi (Second Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1571107060) is included in the price and will be mailed to you by the instructor.
This course is especially designed for teachers K- 12 in any subject area. Teachers will learn and utilize writing craft techniques that will be taught to students. Some of what's included in the class: Receive a packet of writing ideas, enrich your own writing, view videos from the experts in writing and cite how to apply the strategies in your teaching, critique articles on writing, gain new thinking about teaching elements of writing craft, and much more. Book included

Motivating and Inspiring Today’s Students: Strategies, Methods and Materials to Awaken the Learner

The text for the class is Motivating and Inspiring Students: Strategies to Awaken the Learner(2017) by Marzano, Scott, Boogren and Newcomb. The book will be sent to you by the date the class begins.
Bringing motivation and inspiration to the classroom is not easy. Motivating students is of paramount concern for classroom teachers. This class is intended to not only motivate students but also to inspire the teacher! The course will provide the needed stimulating tools for pre-K to 12 educators to create classrooms in which students are motivated and inspired to learn. You will be able to complete assignments ahead of the required dates to adjust to your schedule. No required group meetings.