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     CPETracker is a web-based professional education registration and tracking system. It allows individuals to electronically manage registrations, add attendance information, and to view an ongoing account of the professional education credits and hours earned toward Act 48 legislative requirements. Any information put into CPETracker is provisional until approved electronically by an appropriate LEA administrator. Login to determine the Approval Status of any information you've submitted.

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    Act 48 of 1999 requires that every Pennsylvania educator complete 180 hours of continuing professional education every five years. Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 adopted a Web-based registration, attendance, tracking and reporting system, CPETracker, to assist the regions educators. Click here to visit the CPETracker Web Site.

    Act 48 Information
    Continuing Professional Education is important in Pennsylvania. Act 48 requires all Pennsylvania educators holding Pennsylvania public school certification to participate in ongoing professional education. Click here to visit the PA Department of Educations Web site for more information.

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    For questions regarding CPETracker, please e-mail or call your district CPE Tracker Administrator. Click here to view your local CPETracker Administrator. If you are a CPETracker District Adminstrator or CLIU employee you may contact the CLIU Helpdesk at 610.769.1010.

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    For questions regarding individual workshops or classes, please call the contact person listed on the flyer or brochure.