CPE Course Information

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education Continuing Professional Education credits apply for Level II Certification and/or master's equivalency. A maximum of 18 credits may be taken towards a master's equivalency. Credits taken for salary increases must comply with district policy. 
    The listed CPE courses are open to all qualified personnel.
    Typically, within 10 days of course conclusion, a letter of successful completion will be emailed to the participant and a paper document mailed for record purposes.

    Please review the offerings, select the appropriate courses, and be sure to register on CPETracker early.

To Register

  • To register, use our electronic online registration system at CPETracker 
      1. Click the title of the course to display the course's information.
      2. The cost for a 3 credit CPE course is $285.00.
        • Please make checks and money orders payable to CLIU 21
          • Mail Check and Money Orders to:
               CLIU #21
               Attn. Brenda Kauffman
               4210 Independence Drive
               Schnecksville, PA 18078
        • To pay by credit card follow the prompts in CPE Tracker or alternate registration form. 

      3. A participant's registration is completed when a check or money order is received or school district PO # is inserted into the payment drop down box for the invoice district.

Transcript Information

  • If you have previously taken CPE courses and are in need of an additional paper transcript, please complete this Transcript Request Form and provide the $10.00 payment via check or credit card as indicated upon completion of the form.

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