• Dependent Eligibility

    The Healthcare Reform passed in March of 2010 allowed for the addition of dependents under the age of 26 regardless of whether or not they are:

    ·         Married;

    ·         Living with you;

    ·         In school;

    ·         Financially dependent on you; or

    ·         Eligible to enroll in their employer’s plan


    The CLIU allowed the enrollment of these dependents to the medical, prescription, and dental effective July 1, 2011 in order to comply with this legislation.  The CLIU, Highmark and United Concordia will no longer be sending student verification requests due to the Healthcare Reform.  The CLIU reserves the right to audit our insurance records at any time and request additional documentation to keep your dependent on your coverage.  Audits may include any dependents, including spouses.  Acceptable documentation we may request includes, but is not limited to a marriage license, birth certificate, or other legal document.

    During the Open Enrollment process, the CLIU requires legal documentation of dependent eligibility upon enrollment of a spouse, child, stepchild, etc.  We also request this documentation if adding a dependent due to a Qualifying Event.  Please be prepared to provide this information to the Human Resources Department along with the appropriate enrollment forms.

    When making a change due to a Qualifying Event, you will be asked to provide supporting documentation for the change.  For example, we may ask for a copy of a divorce decree or insurance cancellation.   Please note that no cancelation or enrollment will be carried out without the required documentation being provided by the deadline provided by the HR department.

    Please note, Vision Reimbursement and use of Preferred EAP will remain that dependents under the age of 19 may utilize these services, as well as dependents under the age of 25 provided they are a Full Time Student.  If your dependent is over the age of 19, please note that you will be asked to provide appropriate documentation to allow us to determine eligibility for services.

    Should you have any questions regarding what will be needed to make changes to your coverage or eligibility for coverage/services, please contact the Stephanie Fister, Compensation and Benefits Specialist, at extension 1296.