Speech and Language Impairment Certification Program

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Speech and Language Certification Program

    The Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 Speech and Language Impairment Certification Program is founded on the commitment of continual and ongoing quality improvement and professional growth opportunities for aspiring educators. The goal of the program is to prepare speech and language educators with the necessary skills and capacity to improve student learning based upon the research, assessment and implementation of best practice in speech and language instruction. 

    This is a high quality speech and language educator training program by which all components are aligned to the standards delineated in the PA School Code.  Candidates must currently have a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Pathology or related field with the following required college level courses:

    • Introduction to Communication Disorders
    • Speech Anatomy
    • Language Development
    • Developmental Speech and Language Disorders
    • Hearing Science and Acoustics
    • Fundamental Speech Science
    • Audiology
    • Aural Rehabilitation
    • Language Structure/Acquisition
    • Neurobiological Bases of Human Communication 
    • Disorders of Articulation and Phonology
    • Clinical Phonetics
    • Professional Practices in Schools

    This quality program is designed specifically to meet the Pennsylvania requirements for certification in Speech and Language.

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Application Information

Course Information

  • The CLIU Speech and Language Impairment Certification Program will:

    • Be delivered utilizing a hybrid (combined live & asynchronous) learning model
    • Integrate field experience in every course
    • Provide ongoing integrated support 
    Each course begins with a live, synchronous session on the first evening.
    Cost: $675.00 per course 
    Program Course Sequence:
    1. Student Orientation
    2. Phonetic and Phonological Disorders
    3. Early Child Language Acquisition and Intervention
    4. Principles of Language Disorders
    5. Neural Bases of Speech and Language
    6. School-Age Language Development
    7. Motor Speech Disorders
    8. Evaluation Procedures in Speech-Language Pathology
    9. Fluency Disorders
    10. Auditory Physiology
    11. Voice Disorders
    12. School Methods
    13. Internship in Public Schools/Student Teaching