Document Imaging

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    Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21's Electronic Document Imaging provides school districts and businesses the opportunity to archive records that have been boxed and stored over several years.

    A folder hierarchy is designed to reflect your own database history. Paper documents are scanned or imported from Excel/Word and converted to digital images.  Each folder is then defined with your preferred fields which are used to retrieve the information.

    Our Document Imaging software extends the reach of document management to a Web browser interface. Users can easily access and work with documents stored in databases anytime, anywhere they have an Internet connection. Records can be searched, read, printed, copied, and distributed.

    Organizations can be sure all critical information is stored and properly managed with a high level of password and access security.

    Also available, CLIU Document Imaging offers post-job shredding/disposal services.

    It's that easy... you will be able to relax and feel secure knowing you will never need to search archaic methods or run the risk of missing files, but that they will be within arm's reach to retrieve, thus saving time, space, and money. For more information please contact MIS at 610-769-1010.

    CLIU Document Imaging Index Sheets (PDFWord Document)