• Overview
    The Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 Applications Department is a unique source for school district needs for both student information systems (SIS) and financial software. Our partnerships with Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit #16 (CSIU) and PowerSchool, allow us to provide multiple web-accessible and client-based software solutions to meet organization-specific needs.

    We are a specialized organization dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers. 

    Personalized Service
           We service our 14 local school districts, school districts in Pennsylvania, charter schools, and external customers.
           Our staff has a thorough understanding of school financial and student management cycles.
           The CLIU is a stable and viable business entity for the school districts.
           Our IU is a non-profit organization, so our pricing is very competitive.
           Reasonable fees and costs for your organization.

    Application Offerings
    Our partnerships with CSIU and PowerSchool allow us to provide CSIU financial and PowerSchool applications at a very reasonable cost to school districts. We only offer proven web accessible or client-based student and financial solutions. In addition, we offer ancillary services of data conversion, training, and data extraction.

    We offer the following specific aspects to our customers as a result of our partnership:

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  • For demonstrations or to learn more about what the MIS programming department can do for your organization.

    Contact: MIS Department
    Phone: (610) 769 - 1010

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