• How To Download An Application Packet


    • Please go to the Employment Opportunities page.
    • In the upper right hand corner of the Employment Opportunities page there is a Log-In box. At the bottom of the log-in box there is a link to create a CLIU Profile.
    • Click on the Link to Create a CLIU profile. Please note that you must create a CLIU profile to be able to download an application packet.
    • Create a Profile
    • Once you create your CLIU profile you will need to log into the Employment Opportunities Website.
    • Once you are logged in you will need to click on the Category Heading of the position you are interested in. This will begin the download process.
    • Once you download the application be sure to open the PDF you downloaded and print the packet off.
    • An Instruction Letter is part of the application packet. Candidates are asked to follow these instructions carefully before submitting an employment application packet.


    To download a CLIU Application Packet please visit the Employment Opportunities Link on our website.