Early Intervention Services

  • The Early Intervention (EI) Program of the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 is a federal and state public special education service provided to children ages three to five years of age who are experiencing a delay in their development.  These children are evaluated and found to be eligible for special education services under the guidelines of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) regulations. The CLIU EI Program, operates under the direction of the PA Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL).

    Early Intervention conducts child find activities to assist in identifying children in need of such services.  Staff are made aware of a child who may be eligible for special education EI services through a referral from a person who has regular contact with the child - either a parent, relative, daycare or preschool teacher, physician, or other professional. Once a child is referred, a screening occurs. Results of the screening determine the need for, and type of, evaluation that a child may require. If a child is determined to be eligible as a result of the evaluation, he or she will receive services that are both free and appropriate. Early Intervention also works closely with both Carbon County and Lehigh County Infant/Toddler-Early Intervention (IT-EI) Programs. Timely transition meetings are regularly scheduled and held with representatives of both programs to determine if the child continues to be eligible for services when they transition from Infant-Toddler to Early Intervention.

    Other Services Offered by Early Intervention :

    The professional Staff at the CLIU PS-EI Program Offers a variety of services to support children and their parents, community daycares, and preschool staff. These services have been designed to enhance child development and to support the philosophy of inclusion and the belief that "All Children can Learn and All Children Belong." Some of the additional services/programs are:

    1. An assistive technology (AT) Lending Library to provide low to high-tech tools, materials, and strategies to support the engagement of the eligible child in typical preschool routines.
    2. In Services designed to meet the specific needs of staff in the community, daycares, and preschools, or for parents, in order to maximize the successful inclusion of eligible children.
    3. Social Worker Services to provide parenting training, support in contacting agencies, enhancing generalization of skills, and other social work related issues.
Accessing EI Services Flowchart