Allentown Learning and Achievement School

  • The Allentown Learning Achievement School focuses on STAR: Socialization, Task, Area, and Responsibility.  

    Allentown Learning Achievement School (ALAS) hosts classrooms with specially designed instruction.  Each classroom teacher focuses on a different subject area and is well versed in their subject matter.  Classrooms consist of a Teacher, Emotional Support Interventionist and an Instructional Assistant.  

    Allentown Learning Achievement School places an emphasis on identifying an individual’s strengths and abilities by employing a student-centered approach, whereby various systems of care and evidence-based practices are utilized to assist the student to dream big, plan thoroughly, and engage wholeheartedly in achieving educational and post-graduation success. 

  • Allentown Learning
    Achievement School
    1633 Hanover Ave
    Allentown, PA 18109

    Main Office 610-769-1165
    Fax 610-769-1164

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