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  • What is an Intermediate Unit?

    An Intermediate Unit is an educational service agency that works with schools in a specified region to provide a variety of services from special programs for students to recruiting for human resources departments as needed. IU's serve as a liason between Pennsylvania Department of Education and the school district.

    What is Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit's footprint?

    Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit's footprint extends from Lehigh County to Carbon County. Each of Pennsylvania's 29 Intermediate Units serve different counties. Certain services are provided outside of our footprint. Find an IU here

    Do Intermediate Units only serve school districts?

    No. Intermediate Units provide a wide variety of services (besides educational ones) to places like hospitals, clinics, TV stations and colleges. Intermediate Units also serve non-public schools and offer Early Intervention services in area childcare centers.

    Do families pay for services?

    No. Families receive educational services for eligible students at no cost.

    How does Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit help families in need?

    The CLIU 21 endorses the Carbon Lehigh Special Needs Children's Foundation. Charitiable contributions are often made to this foundation via dress down days and events like Special Soles 5k. Learn more about CLSNCF here