Local Task Force

  • What is the CLIU 21 Local Right to Education Task Force?

    Local Task Forces (LTFs) were formed more than twenty years ago as a result of the PARC consent decree, to represent the needs and interests of students with intellectual and develomental disabilities and their families. Today, most LTFs have expanded their efforts to include all atudents with disabilities.

    The majority of Local Task Force members are consumers and parents of children with disabilities. In addition to parents and consumers, each LTF must have representatives from the local IU, the local MH/MR office, the local ARC, and area school districts. LTFs operate in the same geographical areas as the associated Intermediate Unit.

    LTFs are actively involved with programs and services for students with disabilities in all 501 school districts across the state, and follow procedures outlined in the handbook developed by the State Task Force.

    Task Force Duties and Responsibilities

    To identify and clarify problems
    To direct recommendations of necessary changes to the appropriate source/department
    To advocate for school-age individuals
    To cooperate with public/private direct service provider agencies 
    in planning programs and services
    To continuously monitor local education systems for compliance with the PARC consent decree
    To train new members and serve as a vehicle for educating the community
    To make recommendations for improving, strengthening, expanding,
    and monitoring programs and services for students with disabilities


    • LTF Chairperson -  Amanda Robbins
    • LTF Secretary - TBD

    Contact Information



Upcoming Meetings

  • Wednesday 8/25/21 10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 9/29/21 10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 10/20/21 10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 11/17/21 10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 12/15/21 10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 1/19/22 10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 2/23/22 10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 3/23/22 10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 4/20/22 10am - 12pm
    Wednesday 5/18/22 10am - 12pm