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    Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2019 Cohort
    Our Mission:
    We know that educational leadership and, more specifically, standards of leadership are competencies required for instructional success. "Instructional success" is defined by student learning and achievement. As educational leaders, it is incumbent upon us to develop exceptional leaders for the future. Best practices reveal the importance of developing educational leaders who are-first and foremost-highly skilled in facilitating student learning. We should be raising these leaders from within the ranks of our school system.
    Qualified candidates will come together to collaborate and participate in a viable, cost-effective quality program designed specifically to meet the increasing demand around accountability and student achievement. The CLIU program is a comprehensive program one would expect and will be delivered using a rigorous, yet modernized approach. The CLIU Level I Principal Certification will:
    • be delivered utilizing a blended model allowing for customization;
    • integrate support;
    • involve the development of regionalized personal learning networks and communities;
    • and use a practitioner-focused approach. 
    All courses will be delivered in a hybrid mode
    Cost: 975.00 per course
    Core Curriculum:
    • Effective School Principalship
    • Leadership for Student Achievement
    • The Management of Education
    • School Administration Legal Issues
    • Leadership for Continuous Improvement
    • Curriculum Essentials
    • School and Community Relations
    • School Finance and Resources
    • Instructional Leadership
    • 10 Learning Communities


    Program Course Sequence 


    PLC SESSIONS(Saturdays)

    Orientation Session

    Technology for Administrators

    Effective School Principalship

    Using Data to Increase Student Achievement

    The Management of Education

    Pennsylvania Educator Effectiveness

    Leadership for Student Achievement

    Decision Making/Problem Solving

    School Administration of Legal Issues

    Special Needs Students

    Leadership for Continuous Improvement

    Continuous School Improvement

    Curriculum Essentials

    Classroom Walk Through

    School and Community Relations

    Diversity and Cultural Awareness

    School Finance and Resources

    Effective Interpersonal Communications

    Instructional Leadership

    Conferencing Skills

    Internship/Portfolio Meetings





    To download the application click on the link below:

    CLIU Principal Certification Application Packet 

    To download the leadership profile for mentor principals click on the link below:
    Please return the completed application via email or US Mail to Diahann Ouly at
    CLIU 21
    Attn: Diahann Ouly
    4210 Independence Dr.
    Schnecksville, PA 18078
    Email: oulyd@cliu.org 
    For more information please contact:
    Diahann Ouly