• CPETracker-LogoCPETracker - Frequently Asked Questions
    "How do I change my password?"
    Login using the password provided. Click Personal Profile. Your password will be listed here. Change the password and then click the Submit button at the bottom.

    "How do I retrieve my password if I forget it?"
    From the login screen, click Forgot Your Password. This will prompt you for your email address. Enter your email address and your password will be forwarded directly.

    "How do I retrieve my login name if I forget it?"
    Call or email your CPETracker District Administrator. Explain you are a CPETracker user and have forgotten your login name. They will help you retrieve the information.

    "How do I make changes to my personal information?"
    Click Personal Profile. Update your information and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

    "What is an LEA?"
    LEA stands for Local Education Agency. All districts, AVTS and IUs are considered LEAs.

    "What is my Certificate ID?"
    Your Certificate ID is the same as your Social Security #. You must input this number without dashes. (ie. 999889999)

    "What is my Act 48 Compliance Start Date?"
    This is the date that the 5 year Compliance period starts for Act 48. If certified prior to August 1, 2000, the start date is 07/01/00. If certified after August 1, 2000, the start date is the first day of the month the certificate was issued by PDE.

    "What events can I register for using CPETracker?"
    You can register for any classes or workshops offered by Carbon Lehigh IU #21, school districts, or other IUs participating in CPETracker that were entered as IU-wide or Inter-IU events.

    "If I change my mind about attending an Event, what should I do?"
    Click on the link for CPE Registration Events. In the Event listing table click Unregister to remove your name from the registration list. If there is no Unregister option, call the provider to unregister.