•  Juvenile Corrections Education

    Youth ForestryCamp #2
    This facility, located in HickoryRun State Park in northwestern Carbon County,operates under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.   It is a fifty-two bed residential facilityfor adjudicated males, ages 14-21. The DPW staff provides mental healthrehabilitation services. The Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit certifiededucation staff provides the general academic, special needs, transitioncoordination and pre-vocational education programs with guidance from thePennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Corrections Education.  The Edward R. Cawley Learning Center (2008) is thesetting for the education program.  Aremedial/developmental reading program is also provided with funds derived froma federal Title I grant for neglected and delinquent youth.  A Carl Perkins Vocational Education grant isalso utilized to provide support services in the pre-vocational areas.

    For additional information, please contact Daniel Fisher, Supervisor, Special Programs and Services, at fisherd@cliu.org.