• Operations and MIS Personnel and ContactsPersonnel

    The Management Information Systems Department is dedicated to meeting the technology needs of the districts and technical schools in the CLIU service area. To better assist you, a listing of each department staff member and his or her responsibility. You may contact them directly in regards to a question in their designated areas.

    Operations and MIS Department Director

    Philip Fiore - CISO\Director of Operations and Management Information Systems
    Contact Info: fiorep@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Susan Christman - Secretary
    Contact Info: christmans@cliu.org or 610-769-1010


    Candace Arnold - Software Support Specialist
    Contact Info: arnoldc@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Nancy Barbaro - Software Support Specialist
    Contact Info: barbaron@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Kelly Boyer - Software Support Specialist
    Contact Info: boyerk@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Michelle McCarroll- Software Support Specialist
    Contact Info: mccarrollm@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Debra Miller - Application Specialist
    Contact Info: millerd@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Cheryl Peters - Application Manager
    Contact Info: petersc@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Tracey Roberts - Software Support Specialist
    Contact Info: robertst@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Linda Woolbaugh - Software Support Specialist
    Contact Info: woolbaughl@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Data Integrity

    Sandra Bowen - Data Integrity Secretary
    Contact Info: bowens@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Rita Christman - Data Integrity Secretary
    Contact Info: christmanr@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Robin Miller - Software Support Specialist
    Contact Info: millerrobin@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Pat Sharbaugh - Billing Coordinator
    Contact Info: sharbaughp@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Desktop Publishing and Document Imaging

    Melissa Breiner - Clerk
    Contact Info: breinerm@cliu.org or 610-769-4111 ext. 1210

    Jenna Kapes - Word Processing Operator
    Contact Info: kapesj@cliu.org  or 610-769-4111 ext. 1627

    Tammy Kovach - Word Processing Operator
    Contact Info: kovacht@cliu.org or 610-769-4111 ext. 1248

    Tina Lilly - Clerk
    Contact Info: lillyt@cliu.org or 610-769-4111 ext. 1241

    Aaron Merkel - Graphic Design Coordinator
    Contact Info: merkela@cliu.org or 610-769-4111 ext. 1646

    Information Technology

    Todd Austerberry - Computer Technician
    Contact Info: austerberryt@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    William Barrell - Computer Technician
    Contact Info: barrellw@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Christopher Burkey - Senior Network Administrator
    Contact Info: burkeyc@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Steve Kuhet - Technology Specialist
    Contact Info: kuhets@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Scott McHenry - Senior Network Engineer
    Contact Info: mchenrys@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Kelsey McLoughlin - Computer Technician
    Contact Info: mcloughlink@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Carol Oswald - Help Desk Analyst
    Contact Info: oswaldc@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    David Russell - IT Project Manager
    Contact Info: russelld@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Leanne Toth - Technology Specialist
    Contact Info: tothl@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Nate Zink - Technology Specialist
    Contact Info: zinkn@cliu.org or 610-769-1010


    Duane Elsasser - Supervisor of Operations
    Contact Info: elsasserd@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Thomas Frantz - Maintenance Worker
    Contact Info: frantzt2@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Deb Gruber - Cleaning Staff
    Contact Info: gruberd@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Ronald Paret - Mail Van Driver
    Contact Info: paretr@cliu.org or 610-769-1010


    Mark Crenshaw - Programmer
    Contact Info:  crenshawm@cliu.org or 610-769-1010

    Marci Wozniak - Senior Developer
    Contact Info: wozniakma@cliu.org or 610-769-1010