• Workplace Injury Prevention Team
         The Workplace Injury Prevention Team was established to help the CLIU review workers compensation claims for patterns of injuries and to perform routine inspections of the Central Office and Transportation facilities for potential hazards.  These reviews and inspections allow the team to identify what trainings and corrections need to be made to prevent injuries to employees. 
         The Safety Committee was established in 2002 through the Human Resources Department.  Since it's establishment other committees/teams have been formed to handle other safety and security issues.  To prevent any confusion among the committees/teams, the Safety Committee has been renamed to the Workplace Injury Prevention Team.
         If you see a potential hazard at your work site, have a suggestion of a training, or have a suggestion of how to prevent particular injuries, please feel free to contact the workplace injury prevention committee by emailing husackg@cliu.org.

         For the last years meeting minutes please click this link.

         To obtain meeting minutes for prior months/years, please contact the safety committee at husackg@cliu.org.