• hr-directoryHuman Resources Personnel
    The Human Resources Department exists to provide support to CLIU Staff Members. Below is a listing of the Human Resource Staff.  If you have a question, please contact Sherry Rex,the Director of Human Resources, 610-769-4111, Ext. 1653 so we may assist you. The fax number for the Human Resources Department is 610-769-1287.

    Sherry A. Rex - Director of Human Resources  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Mary Jo Castrine - Secretary to the Director

    George Husack - Human Resources Manager

    Rachel Butz - Human Resources Specialist
    Cheryl Faustner - Human Resources Specialist

    Marcia Hueston - Compensation and Benefits Specialist  ______________________________________________________________________________________

    Dana Davies - Human Resources Secretary

    Sharon Kuntz - Human Resources Secretary

    Roberta Heiser - Human Resources Secretary

    Stacy Hall - Payroll Coordinator
    Nancy Kern - Payroll Specialist
    Katherine Butz - Receptionist