• Open Enrollment

         Open Enrollment for Medical, Prescription and Dental Insurance occurs in the month of June annually.  This is the only time of the year in which an employee eligible for insurance coverage may change his/her insurance program or add/drop a dependent.
    What Health Insurance Programs are offered?
         The CLIU offers three (3) PPO Plans.  The programs include:
              1.  Preferred Provider Organization (PPO B) $250/$500 Deductible
               2.  Preferred Provider Organization (PPO C) $500/$1,000 Deductible
                3. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO D) $750/$1,500 Deductible
         Information regarding these plans is available under the Insurance Plan Designs and Benefit Booklets section of the Human Resources Website.
    How do I make a Change During Open Enrollment?
         Making a change to your insurance program is simple.  Complete the appropriate forms and provide any additional documentation necessary to the Benefits Specialist prior to 1:00 PM on the last working day in June.  If your forms and accompanying documents are not received by the deadline, changes cannot be made unless you have a qualifying event.
         For a list of Open Enrollment Forms, please click here.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the benefits offered, please feel free to contact Stephanie Fister, Compensation and Benefits Specialist, by phone at extension 1296.