• Mr. Hartman's Classroom

    (Grades 9 - 10)


    Classroom Team:

    Teacher: Tom Hartman 

    ESI: TBD

    IA: Gisele Atherholt

    1:1: Ernie Luengen



    Welcome to the CLAS program! This room/center is a behavior modified classroom. The main goal of this classroom is to correct student’s behaviors so they are able to interact with their peers (during class and unstructured time) in an appropriate manner. Student’s behavior will be tracked on a daily basis whether they are in my classroom or not. This tracking system is called SOAR and is used to determine whether or not they are able to leave the emotional support classroom/center. Parent/teacher communication is one of the most vital aspects to your child’s success. Please, do not ever hesitate to contact me.

    Email: hartmant2@cliu.org

    Phone: 610-769-4111 ext. 2247

    CLAS Mission Statement: Carbon Learning Achievement School will provide a positive learning environment for all students and staff by following the expectations of Safety, Ownership, Achievement, and Respect (SOAR).  Our School Wide Positive Behavior Incentive System (SWPBIS) follows the SOAR system, students can earn points each day to move through the level system.  There are 6 levels, each one providing privileges as students advance. 



    • All Materials will be provided to the students in the classroom on an as needed basis. Textbooks and/or work items will be provided at school. Textbooks will rarely go home with student. Pens will only be used under special circumstances.

    Class Handbook 2017-2018 School Year:

    2017-2018 Handbook


    School Calendar: CLAS follows Palmerton School District schedule for days off and teacher-in-service days. Don't forget, one Wednesday per month is early dismissal for professional development.

    Palmerton School Schedule

    Calendar with half days


    School Lunch Resources: We follow Palmerton School District lunch schedule.

    Free and reduced lunch form


    IEP Team: Your childs IEP team will consist of any or all of the following people: student, parent, general education teacher, special education teacher, local education agency representative, special education supervisor, social worker, public agency representative, school psychologist, related services (speech, OT, PT).
    IEP Process: Your childs case manager (typically the special education teacher) will contact the parent about one month prior to your childs IEP due date to set up a date and time that works for everyone. Once a date is set the parent will receive an Invitation to Participate confirming the date and time of the IEP meeting. At the IEP meeting the team will discuss and decide together on what is reasonable and appropriate for the child. Once the team has discussed and agreed the parent will be presented with a Notice of Recommended Educational Placement (NOREP). The parent/guardian will sign the NOREP confirming they are in agreeance with all aspects of their childs IEP. 
    Evaluation Process: Your child may need to be evaluated by the school psychologist for different reasons. If an evaluation is requested by the school, the parent will receive a Request to Evaluate form from the school psychologist before formal testing can begin.