PD 2.1 OnDemand (3 Hour)

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    1. Register & pay for any of our current OnDemand courses at www.cliu.org/pd21ondemand
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    3. Complete your required tasks within 2 weeks to earn 3 Hours PA Act 48 PD Time.

  • Class Dojo Logo

    Class Dojo

    Help build a new classroom culture using Class Dojo. ClassDojo is a communication & management app for the classroom. It connects teachers, parents, and students who use it to share photos, videos, and messages through the school day. They use ClassDojo to work together as a team, share in the classroom experience, and bring big ideas to life in their classrooms and homes.

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  • Canva


    Canva is a graphic design tool that can turn projects and assignments into exciting, visually pleasing products. Learn how to use this free, user-friendly tool and explore ways this tool can be used in the classroom. Canva is available both as a web-based platform that includes sign-in with Google Apps for Education and as an iPad app.

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  • Curating Skills for Teachers

    Curating Skills for Teachers

    Finding educational content in the web is no big deal- but managing it, is. Educational content curation is sorting out the vast amounts of content on the web and organizing them around a specific topic in a way that is easy for you and others to manage. You will learn tips to help you pull together and streamline these online resources.

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  • EdPuzzle


    If you use videos in the classroom, EDpuzzle is a must have. In this course you will learn how to crop, edit, and add personalized quizzes to videos from various sources like: YouTube, Khan Academy, Learn Zillion, and more. This classroom flipping tool enables you to restructure a video into an impact lesson by effectively engaging your students. With EdPuzzle, you are able to make it to the point, personal and effective, plus get all the data about your students so you know if they truly understand the lesson.

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  • Emaze


    Sick of the same old PowerPoint presentations? Do you want to create new and exciting ones for your classroom? Emaze is an online presentation tool that will allow you to do just that. Educators can create, manage, and share presentations in the cloud. There are a variety of templates available including formats using 3D animations and video backgrounds to make online presentations stand out.

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  • Google Forms

    Google Forms

    Forms are among the internet's most versatile tools. Whether you need a contact form or a survey, a student directory or a quick quiz, a form is all you need to easily gather that information. With Google Forms, it only takes a few minutes to make one for free. By the end of this 3 hour online workshop, you will have added to your forms library a variety of tools to use in the classroom with students and parents.

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  • Kahoot


    Kahoot! is a tool for using technology to administer quizzes, discussions or surveys. It is a game based classroom response system played by the whole class in real time. Multiple-choice questions are projected on the screen. Students answer the questions with their smartphone, tablet or computer. The games bring a lot of interaction to the classroom. You are in control of advancing the questions allowing you the opportunity to build discussion time between questions. The majority of students enjoy the competitive nature of the game and comment that it helps them retain concepts. Take course for all the tricks to use Kahoot.

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  • Piktochart


    Looking for a powerful tool that you can use to share information, create infographics, and other visual aids? Piktochart is the platform for you! Make your own graphic, or assign a topic to students... the possibilities are plentiful! Learn here how to use the tool and explore ways to integrate into your classroom!

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  • WeVideo


    Learn to bring media to life with this online platform. Built for ease of use and smooth editing, WeVideo allows you to put your multimedia materials into a seamless, beautiful project able to be embedded, shared and streamed for all (or a select few) to see. Learn to work with WeVideo and make quick, easy video projects without the struggle or cost of advanced editing software.

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