• Dress Code

    Students are expected to dress in a manner deemed appropriate by the school administration. Students are not permitted to be barefoot, wear midriffs, muscle/sleeveless-shirts, or clothing revealing underwear, or cleavage. In addition clothing with tobacco, drug, alcohol, or sexual references is prohibited and must be replaced or concealed prior to school entry. Violations of this policy may result in exclusion from classroom activities on that day and communication to parents/guardians. Jackets, coats, pillows and blankets must remain in lockers.
    Hats, bandanas, beanies, and do-rags are to be turned in to staff PRIOR to entering the building. Hoods must be down when inside the building. Your undergarments must be covered at all times. No undershirts or tank tops. Boys MUST wear sleeves. Girls MUST refrain from showing any midriff, butt, or cleavage. No beads of any kind. The bottom of skirts, shorts, and dresses must be within 4 inches of the top of the knee. Parents may be contacted to bring clothes or a supply is available. The student will be expected to change.
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  • Closure Due to Inclement Weather

    The following procedures will be used in case of delayed starts and early dismissals due to weather:
    1. Listen for the notice that Carbon Lehigh IU #21 has delayed transportation. You will also need to make sure that the IU is not
    just delayed in one county. If we delay in Carbon County only, it will state “Carbon County Only.”
    2. If Carbon Lehigh IU #21 is not listed but your child’s school district is delayed then CLIU transportation will follow that school districts delay.
    3. If the district that you live in is delayed but the school district that your child attends is not delayed, the CLIU will follow your home district’s delay. This is for the child’s safety.
    4. If the school your child attends is dismissing early, the teacher will call you to let you know the dismissal time. It is the parent’s responsibility to monitor the student upon arrival.
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  • Attendance & Tardy Policy

    Attendance Policy
    School attendance is a child’s right and a parent’s responsibility. State Attendance Regulations mandate that a written excuse be on file for each and every absence. When a student is absent from school, it is the parents guardians obligation to provide a written explanation as to the reason for the absence. If a note is not received within three school days, the absence will be reported to the home school district as illegal and/or unexcused. If you are absent, and do not bring in an excuse within 3 days of returning to school, your parent/guardian will be contacted. After 10 cumulative days absent, a note from a physician/court will be required or the day will be recorded as illegal and/or unexcused. Partial credit for missed work due to illegal absences will be determined by classroom team.
    Tardy Policy
    Parents need to sign the student into the building and submit late note. Students arriving later will be required to bring their own lunches or call classroom before 8:15 a.m.
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  • Bullying Prevention

    Bullying is not permitted at CLIU. Bullying is defined as a low-level form of violence that is inflicted repeatedly on another, usually a weaker student. Bullying may consist of verbal remarks or gestures that are meant to intimidate and gain power over a victim and can include threats of bodily harm, weapon possession, extortion, civil rights violations, gang activity, and behaviors up to and including assault and battery, threat of attempted murder, and murder. Sexual harassment is also a form of bullying. Staff reserves the right to place a student on a major restriction when a pattern of bullying behavior occurs during the school year.
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  • Cell Phones/ Camera Phones/ Video Phones/ Electronics

    Cell phones must be handed in as part of the Entry Point Search. CLIU forbids the use of cells phones during the school day, including texting, camera and/or videos, and music. CLIU is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones or electronics. Furthermore, CLIU Faculty is NOT obligated to search and/or investigate lost/traded/stolen cell phones. Cell phones with cameras or video may not be used to take pictures during and after school hours on school grounds, school transportation, or school district sponsored events. Camera phones are strictly prohibited in the bathrooms. If a student is found taking any pictures in school or school sponsored events, he/she will be referred to administration. If the content of the pictures taken are inappropriate, legal action will be taken.
    Procedure for Violation of Cell Phone Policy:
    1st offense:
    - The student will immediately hand in phone.
    - Refusal to do so will result in major infraction.
    - The student will sign a first offense notice.
    - The student’s cell phone will be returned at the end of the day.
    2nd offense:
    - The student will immediately hand in phone.
    - Refusal to do so will result in major infraction.
    - The student will receive a minor infraction.
    -  Parent or guardian must pick up the phone and sign a contract concerning the student’s cell phone use and CLIU phone policy.
    3rd offense:
    - The student’s cell phone will be confiscated.
    - The student will receive a major infraction.
    - Cell phone will not be returned until the end of the school year.
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