Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Technologies Program Overview

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    The Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Technologies Department’s main goal is to advance knowledge and the practice of teaching and learning. We address the educational needs of a rapidly changing global society. Our programs and services are rooted in a variety of academic disciplines. We value innovation and build upon the strengths of culture and diversity. 

    We offer several professional growth opportunities that allow teachers to become expert educators and or otherwise interact and engage with students in a variety of disciplines. Our programs provide teachers and schools the opportunity to learn ways in which modern curriculum influences education.  

    The Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Technologies team is comprised of highly-qualified and talented professionals, with years of experience in the field of education. Our staff provides a variety of services that include professional development training and individualized consulting. Providing and facilitating online learning opportunities has been the fastest growing area of concentration. While integrating emerging educational technologies and facilitation of regional networking groups remain a consistent focus. 

    A sample of our services include:

      • Content Area Networking Groups
      • Continuing Professional Education Courses
      • eLearn 21- Online Student Program
      • PD 2.1- Online Professional Development Offerings
      • Series of Technology Workshops
      • Data Analysis & Support
      • Principal Certification Program
      • Speech and Language Certification Program
      • Joint Council
      • Principal Networking
      • School Improvement Support
      • Student Programs
        • Academic Competition
        • Regional Computer Fairs
        • Student Driver Education
        • Tech Wizards
        • Student Forum

     The CLIU is equipped to provide offsite training for convenience and flexibility to its educational partners.

    For additional information regarding CLIU Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Technologies services, please contact us at 610.769.4111 ext. 1201.