• Work-Based Learning Program

    A program for transition from school to adult life.

    The CLIU #21 Work Experience Program serves approximately 225 students a year, providing community based work site exploration and competitive opportunities, with the major focus on soft skills. The program also offers independent living experiences and specific job skill training to assist students in transitioning to adult life. There are approximately 165 local businesses and agencies CLIU #21 WBLP partners with to help carry out our mission of Helping Children Learn!
    Work Based Learning Highlight|IU21 - YouTube - click link below
    Work-Based Learning Referral Paperwork:
    These documents are PDF forms, please upload & save these documents to your desktop before entering information.
    Please email/scan the referral packet to WBLReferral@cliu.org.
    Any questions regarding this program, please contact:
    Melissa Johnson, Supervisor
    (610)-769-4111 ext.1058  johnsonmelissa@cliu.org