• Allentown Learning Achievement School

    Student Assistance Program


    Goal: To help every student be successful in School

    • We are a team of teachers, administrators, psychologists, counselors who are trained to recognize high risk behavior
    • We work to break down barriers that impede the progress of students.
    • We identify and help students connect with services to help them navigate through their issues so they can be successful
    • Issues addressed may be related to: absenteeism, declining academic performance, drug and alcohol, issues at home and any other issue or concern that is affecting the student in a negative manner.
    • We gather multi-sourced, objective data that we share with parents and the SAP team. We then develop a plan of support for the student within our school community.
    • We collaborate with community agencies so that the student referred can receive the best continuity of care.


    What should you do if you witness a student fitting these criteria?

    Please refer them to our SAP TEAM.